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2024 Summer Launch Coaches - CONFIRMED!


Cindy Timchal - Naval Academy

Mandee O'Leary - University of Florida

Lauren Gunning - University of Southern California

Nadine Hadnagy - University of Maryland

Dorrien Van Dyke - Johns Hopkins

Maddy Lesher - Villanova University

Carley Adams - University of Pittsburgh

Tee Ladacouer - Dartmouth College

Nicole Levy - University of Florida

Caroline Corzel - University of California Berkeley

Kelsea Donnelly - Villanova University

Izzy Scane - Northwestern University

And More ...



Cindy Timchal - Naval Academy

Mandie O'Leary - University of Florida

Hannah Neilsen - University of Michigan

Aurora Cordingly - University of North Carolina

Dorrien Van Dyke - Johns Hopkins University

Bill Olin - Clemson University

Kerrin Maurer - Princeton University

Brandi Padilla - San Diego State University

Sonia Judd - University of Virginia

Alexis Venechanos - Northwestern University

Haley Hicklen - University of Pittsburgh

Izzy Scane - Northwestern University

Meg Taylor - Best Goalkeeper in the World

And More...

Summer Launches are for girls' in th through 12th Grades for the 2023/2024 School Year. All players are welcome to register. The launch will be an action-packed 2-1/2 hour session, where players will get guaranteed exposure to every college coach, top-level instruction and competition. 

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